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We at ETHOS take you through an easy to follow process to help educate and empower you in which steps to take next -- before, during and after divorce. We help you organize your financial information and understand your options so you can make informed decisions about key areas -- such as asset division -- and potentially avoid costly mistakes. We help you answer the question “Am I going to be okay?" with a clear vision of your financial future. Post-divorce, we help you set and implement goals and strategies, help you manage your assets, and provide protection strategies for your short, mid and long-term financial needs.

We are actively involved in many community organizations that provide resources and education to those going through the separation and divorce process. We are passionate about helping people through this process as we understand it can be overwhelming and isolating.

Interested in some divorce resources and education workshops available such as:

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Neither MML Investors Services, Ethos Strategic Partners nor any of its subsidiaries, employees or representatives are authorized to give legal or tax advice. Tax, legal and well-being advice provided at these events is solely the responsibility of the respective presenters and not that of ETHOS or MML Investors Services. Attendees are advised to consult their own personal attorney legal or tax counsel for advice on specific legal and tax matters.

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