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Our team is focused on a holistic, personalized approach to help you accomplish your financial goals. What this means to you is we focus on understanding you and where you are in your stage of life. Our clients tell us we take the time to walk them through things as we look at each of their individual goals and needs. They tell us we are consistently clear and use straight, easy to understand language. We open them up to new thoughts, explanations, and education, while being very thorough and open to questions. We are always willing to re-explain things to make sure we are on the same page and present all of your options, not just one path. The real benefit of this process is the comfort you will feel in asking for help and not having to make important financial and wealth management decisions on your own. We strive to bring you knowledgeable, appropriate strategies for where you are, and are always accommodating in terms of our time and effort.

Understanding You

We take the time to get to know and understand you. There is a level of respect and trust that when you arrive, we are on the same page. The more we get to know you, the more we can tailor things to your needs.

Deep Discovery

We help you understand the appropriate possible strategies for someone in your position. We take all the time you need to explain things, so you can feel comfortable asking questions.

Deliver Tailored Options

We research a full range of tailored, individual solutions for you, giving you a better grasp on all your options. We are interested in the most appropriate solutions for you, not a particular company's solution.


We will execute your strategies with your applicable legal or tax professionals. We make it a priority to answer questions and always follow-up on what we say we will do.


We continue to be there for you to help you stay organized and on track through life transitions. We want you to feel prepared and educated in any financial situation you may face.

Your Role

The key to saving for your future is an open line of communication between us. 

Help us understand how best to help you.

It’s important to:

Know each other. Please call us to set an appointment to review your individual circumstances, so we can discuss the products and services that may be most appropriate for you.

Tell us about yourself. The more we know about you and your family, the better we can address your needs. But we won't act on a hunch. We'll only act on what you tell us is important to you.

Learn from this process. This is a dialogue. You'll want to ask lots of questions about our recommendations. We encourage you to ask for explanations and details and to challenge us when you think we've left something out.

Work together. Our job is to guide you. Your job is to decide whether you're comfortable moving ahead on the basis of our recommendations. The decision will always be yours.

Educational Workshops

ETHOS Strategic Partners offers a wide variety of educational financial workshops that are expressly designed for the distinct needs of your organization’s associates and their families. The mission of our educational program is to empower your associates with financial knowledge, so they are able to make informed decisions for their financial future and their overall well-being.

Popular Workshops:

Business Succession Planning

Disabled? Me? Never!

Estate and Business Planning

Becoming Financially Independent

Common Money Mistakes

Creating a Budget

Debt Management

Employee Financial Wellness

Financial Goal Setting

Financial Wellness

Life Insurance

Predictable Income

Protect Your Income

Retirement Planning

Understanding Social Security

Protecting What Matters Most

Understanding the Value of Your Business

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