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Clients turn to us to have an effective and high level conversation about their financial options, their decisions and choices, and to ask targeted questions openly and honestly. In today’s economic environment, we help you understand where your money and wealth stands, where you are going, and if you are making educated decisions at your stage of life for your future retirement and security. A successful strategy is one that provides for you and your family now and in the future, and is set up properly for subsequent generations.

The real benefit is helping you manage all the aspects of your financial life and navigating changing economic cycles and life transitions.

Investment Portfolios & Diversification

Investing and investment management is a process that is customized to your stage of life, risk tolerance, tax implications, and overall goals and income needs. We work with you at every stage in your investment process, whether you need help implementing a strategy, need to structure your portfolio as you prepare for or enter retirement, or are funding a child’s education. We design tailored investment strategies that balance your risk and potential returns and diversify your assets across several investment categories.* We take into account your risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and your short-and long-term goals. We focus on ever-changing market conditions and introduce you to appropriate options for your age. We strive to help you invest wisely and feel more secure about your choices and your future.

*Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss. It is a method used to help manage investment risk.

Retirement Income Strategies & Decision Making

Preparing for a secure, comfortable retirement brings about different sets of concerns and questions based on your age, your expenses, your investments and savings strategies, your health, and your tax bracket. If you are ready to retire, these concerns become more complex in making sure you can afford to retire and sustain an income over the long-term. We help our clients evaluate their retirement income needs, identify and manage investment options, analyze worst case scenarios, and implement other income strategies. We help you understand and organize your options so you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

Tax-Efficient Financial Strategies

Clients work with us to help them understand potential tax implications on their financial strategies, such as tax brackets at different life stages, what monies may be taxable at older ages, and understanding potential capital gains on investment income. We work with your applicable tax professionals to help you design appropriate financial strategies based on your unique position.

Insurance Strategies for Family & Asset Protection

We work with you to design options for life insurance, disability income insurance, and strategies to help protect against the loss of your savings and investments. These strategies can help maintain your lifestyle, protect your financial future for you and your survivors, and help protect your current income and future earnings in the event of a disability, critical illness, or death.

Estate and Wealth Transfer Strategies

With an effective trust and estate planning strategy, you can control your assets according to your wishes, consider taxes, reduce administrative costs, and ensure the proper management of your affairs should you become unable to do so. You may also be interested in developing charitable or family gifting strategies to pass along your wealth. Based on your individual situation, we can recommend techniques for approaching these challenges.

Long-Term Care Funding Options

We can help protect your assets and your personal independence from the rising costs of long-term care. A long-term care strategy can help maintain your financial independence and the peace and comfort of your loved ones.

Strategies for Business Owners

Working closely with your legal and tax advisors, we can help you reach your business, retirement and estate planning goals with solutions to help maximize your personal benefits; benefits to help attract and retain employees, protect against the loss of key employees, and create ownership succession strategies.

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